Consider a Quarantine Bag

COVID Quarantine PlanningJust read a story about 119 people being quarantined in a brothel in Spain after one of the working girls tested positive. There have also been stories of workplaces quarantined in China and a hotel quarantined in the Canary Islands. If you were at work and, without warning, was quarantined there, what would you want to have on hand? Here are some ideas for your consideration.

                • Soap
                • Hand Sanitizer
                • Tissues
                • Phone Charger
                • Prescription Medications
                • Toothbrush
                • Toothpaste
                • Ibuprofen
                • Vitamin C
                • Vitamin D
                • Clorox Wipes
                • Feminine Hygiene Products
                • Extra makeup
                • Hair Brush
                • Shaving Cream & Razor
                • Deodorant
                • Nail Clippers
                • Cash
                • Playing Cards
                • Water Bottle
                • Snack Bars
                • Clean T-shirt
                • Clean Underwear
                • Chocolate

Even a few of these things will make your life much more pleasant in a quarantine.

Thought – When deciding what to wear in the next few weeks, ask yourself what it would be like to spend 14 days in those clothes. Wear a comfortable sweater or jacket, too; one that would be comfortable to sleep in.

Also, plan who you’d call to take care of your pets or kids if you can’t get home and talk to them in advance.

Finally, make sure the rest of your family has a few things in their bags as well when they are out and about.

Note: take your bag with you everywhere; just in case. With this said, you can stash some supplies in your locker or desk at work; like clean jeans, extra underwear, a clean shirt or two and a sweater or sweatshirt.

Printable Shopping List