Important Gear for COVID-19 Home Care

Medical Equipment for COVID Home careDespite taking every precaution, over 3,000 trained health care workers caught this coronavirus. That means we may get sick with Covid-19 or one of our family may get it. When that happens, we hope to be in the over 80% of people that have a mild case of this bug.

Just in case, we’re in the other group, we need to be able to call in to our doctors with complete and accurate information so they can advise us. We want to give them the same information they would get from their nurse – temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and blood oxygen.

Fortunately, the three devices to measure these vital signs are readily available, much less expensive than they were in the past and we can use them for any illness; not just Covid-19.

Blood Pressure Cuff

[Tip: When you first get them, take 3 or 4 measurements of each member of your family and save that information. This tells you what normal looks like on each device for each person.]