Do Your Part: Slow Down

Avoiding AccidentTwo days ago I was worried and rushing. The gate that normally opens easily caught and I took a fall. All in seconds. No harm done but it was a reminder to slow down.

Right now, I want to avoid Urgent Care and Emergency Rooms for three reasons.

1) That’s where the sick people are. If this bug spreads the way we think it will, health care facilities will be overrun quickly which means long waits in virus-filled areas.
2) When our healthcare is strapped, we’re likely to run low on things like medications.
3) The medical staff will be swamped. We help them and the people with a serious case of COVID by taking care of ourselves.

Avoiding these places, when we can, needs to be part of our plan. To achieve that slow down. When we rush, we make more errors. Fear can make us rush, making us all more error-prone.

Slow down. Take a few deep breaths. Such breathing helps change the brain’s blood flow from PANIC NOW to the calmer and more thoughtful. 


Take a moment. Take two.

At the top of the stairs, worried about the spread of this bug, looking at your phone? STOP. Breathe. Pocket your phone then go down the stairs with one hand on the banister.

About to chop up some veg for a salad? Stop, breathe, focus then use that knife.

Want to read that news headline as you drive? Don’t. It can wait, there’s nothing you can do about it anyway. If you must read it, pull over. Do everyone on the road a favor; we’re all trying to stay out of the hospital, too.

Doing one thing at a time is not easy in these days of multitasking and it’s particularly tough when we’re scared but it’s important that we don’t give in to that habit and that feeling. Focus on one thing at a time. Focus on your safety.