Vitamin C: Preparing for COVID-19

Vitamin C CoronavirusVitamin C is part of my COVID-19 battle plan. I’m taking it now and will continue to take it until this pandemic is over. Why? Vitamin C works with my white blood cells (my infection warriors) to help them function at their best. I need them at their best.

Vitamin C has been shown, in multiple studies, to be an effective and non-toxic way to help the body fight infection. Here are two quotes that I found of interest:

Vitamin C and Immune Function “…supplementation with vitamin C appears to be able to both prevent and treat respiratory and systemic infections.”  

Vitamin C and Infections “Three controlled trials found that vitamin C prevented pneumonia. Two controlled trials found a treatment benefit of vitamin C for pneumonia patients.” 

That combined with its high margin of safety means I’m on the bandwagon. Along with eating fresh fruits and veggies, I am taking Vitamin C supplements daily. It is something I can do right now. Is it a miracle? No, nothing is at the moment but it may help, and I’ll take all the help I can get. 

How much to take? This is an area of much debate. Discuss this with your doctor and do your own fact-finding. The National Institute of Health puts 2000 mgs a day as the upper limit for healthy adults. Safe Vitamin C dosage

Whatever you decide to do, do it thoughtfully. I always start low and slow with any supplement until I see how it impacts my body. I take it with food. That’s me.

And, because 90% of our Vitamin C is made in China, I’m making sure that I have enough on hand for my family assuming this virus may be with us for several months.

I get mine on Amazon Buffered C (gentler on the stomach), Ascorbic Acid (the most common type), Liposomal C (touted as more absorbable and gentle on the stomach).